ZL Vacuum Oil Purifier,oil filter
High-efficient Vacuum Oil Purifier especialy treat the waste transformer oil,insulating oil,can rapidly remove water,gas,impurities from waste oil

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ZL High-efficient Vacuum Oil Purifier

ZL series of high-efficient vacuum oil purifier is case-hardened product of electric power industry. It is researched according to the newest drying theory and precisely filtering technology for disposing unqualified insulation oil of electric department and other enterprises. It is an ideal equipment used in drying and making vacuum oil injection.


It is widely used in power plant, hydropower station, electric power company, metallurgy, petrifaction, railroad, etc. It can purify unqualified transformer oil, mutual-inductor oil, switch oil and capacitor oil, also rapidly dehydrate, degasify and purify oil. Meanwhile, it also has the function of drying electric machine and injecting oil to electric equipment.

A: Super dehydration and degasification system. We adopt large cubage to rapidly separate water and gas from oil.
B: Reliable heating system to ensure heating and stable oil temperature.
C: Precise filtration system adopts high-grade filtration materials which has advantages of good mechanical intensity, multi-level filtration, gradually intensive and high filtration precision system.
D: Advanced pressure protection device and infrared control system can avoid the influence of wrong operation.
E: Integration has chain security protection. It can automatically control the oil pressure and oil level.
F: This machine can be used with BZ series of transformer oil discoloring device together to add the function of acid-removing, discoloring, uncombined carbon removing, and reducing damage.


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